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Our Home Renovation Promise

Bringing Your Ultimate Design Ideas To Life

Every great renovation project starts with exciting possibilities. To bring that vision to life, it takes a contractor that can match your inspiration and see the bigger picture.
That renovator will also have the best craftsmen with the perfect suppliers and the ideal technology to bring it all together.

At KCL, we go above and beyond on every project because we share your passion for excellence. It is our privilege to create amazing new spaces in your home. We promise to always exceed your expectations no matter what it takes.   At KCL, we make things happen......


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Some Of Our Most Popular Services

Full Home Remodeling 

We specialize in transforming your home into a dream property

Bathroom Remodels

We bring your bathroom vision to life from concept to completion

Kitchen Remodels

Our team designs & builds kitchens that will take your breath away

  • Awnings
  • Cabinets
  • Carpentry
  • Decks
  • Design/Decorative
  • Disability Services
  • Docks
  • Masonry (Brick and Stone)
  • Garage and Garage Doors
  • Sheds and Enclosures
  • Additions and Remodeling
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Power Washing
  • Fencing
  • Siding

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Client's Testimonial

See why clients can’t stop bragging about our home renovation expertise.

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About Us

KCL Building and Maintenance is an extension of Strategic Holdings Real Estate Group, Chris Lee’s brokerage firm. By combining the two entities, KCL is now able to provide top-tier service to all of its clients and properties during the acquisition phase.

More than just a construction company, KCL offers a wide array of real estate-related services. Whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling or building, KCL has the expertise to cater to a multitude of needs.

Designing The Perfect Indoor Space

One of the main aspects that sets KCL apart from competitors is our eye for design. We take your initial concepts and bring them to life in a 3D digital version of your home. Actually seeing the finished product up front really helps fine-tune your vision.

Another benefit of modern design is that it opens up the possibilities with material types, colors, & finishes. Knowing these things up front ensures that you’ll get the most for your budget.

Simply Outstanding Craftsmanship

Our builders are a notch above your typical contractor. Our team has extensive remodeling experience to achieve ideal results on any budget. That also means we finish projects on time, every time, with results that will take your breath away.

We aim for absolute perfection on every project and won’t stop until it’s achieved.

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Extensive Industry Connections

As true home renovation experts, we can handle every aspect of your project from design to city permits to finding the ideal materials at a fair price. These connections save you a small fortune while keeping the project on time & budget.

Additionally, we have excellent relationships with many of the top artesians in Michiagn's Tri-County Area. From smart home technology to outdoor kitchens and breathtaking pools, we can handle everything in-house.

Case Study-
​Avoiding Shady Contractors

A lot of contractors can say all the right things, but delivering quality work is an entirely different story. That’s why it's essential to check references & verify they have the right kind of experience.

Also be sure to verify their license and insurance, plus check their history at your local Better Business Bureau.

Bring Your Home Renovation Project To Life

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Renovation Myth-Focusing On Price

There’s a lot to know about [Company City] building codes- and you definitely don’t want to learn the hard way. That’s why you should never focus solely on price for any home design project. Instead, focus on overall craftsmanship and value.
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Who We Are

The Ideal Home Renovation Pros In Southeast Michigan

It’s no secret that renovations take a ton of work. From planning stages to getting the right team to finding the perfect materials, there’s a big margin for error.

We know because we’ve been there and had to figure things out the hard way.

Almost two decades later, we can say with confidence that we have the smoothest, most reliable home renovation team in the industry. We’re here to guide you every step of the way to save you time, money and headache. You’ll love our process as much as our final results. Call us today at (248) 417-3941 to learn how we can help.

The Ideal Build Team

Our contractors have 100+ years combined experience in home renovations alone.

The Ideal Materials

We source from trusted local vendors with connections all over the world.

The Ideal Technology

Seeing is believing- we bring your projects to life at the very start of each project.

We Are The Top Home Renovation Team In Southeast Michiagn

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5-star experience!


The Owner

Christopher Lee

LFounded by Chris Lee, Strategic Holdings & Real Estate has proudly served Southeastern Michigan’s construction and real estate needs for more than 25 years. 

In 2017, Chris formed KCL Building and Maintenance, LLC, broadening his scope on the ever-changing landscape and shifting focus to the construction side of the industry. Since then, KCL has grown to handle all aspects of construction from development and conceptualization, full remodels and smaller renovation projects. 


Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire an interior designer separately?

Not with us- we already have top designers as part of our team. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to obtain permits from my city or HOA?

We will gladly file for all the necessary permits for your home renovation so you don’t have to deal with the city. Just give us a call!

How will you ensure my project stays on budget?

We handle everything in-house and work with highly trusted suppliers to ensure your budget is met. Call us for additional details.


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